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Attractions in Timisoara

Victory Square

Victory Square or Piata Victoriei stretches from Opera Square (Piata Operei) to Loga Boulevard, and it is surrounded by elegant baroque buildings. The focal point of the square is the towering Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedrala Ortodoxa Mitropolitana), situated at the south side, built between 1936 and 1946. In front of the cathedral there is a monument honoring those who lost their lives during the 1989 Revolution which overthrew Communist rule.

Union Square

The picturesque Habsburg-era Union Square (Piata Unirii) gets its name for the Romano-Catholic and Serbian Orthodox Cathedrals, facing each other.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral

The cathedral was built between 1736 and 1754 and represents a fine example of Viennese baroque style. The main altar painting was completed by Michael Angelo Unterberger, director of the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna.

Banat Museum

1 Huniade Street

(256) 491 339

Housed within a 14th century castle, Banat Museum boasts sizable historical and natural history sections.

Memorial Museum of the 1989 Revolution

8 Emanuil Ungureanu Street, behind Piata Unirii

(256) 294 936

The museum features exhibitions that include uniforms of Romanian militia and military, written testimonies of witnesses and participants in the Revolution, official and personal documents, a library, an audio-visual archive, and a collection of newspapers. A video charting the rise and fall of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu may be shown on request.

Timisoara Art Museum

Mercy 2 Street

(256) 491 339

You will be able to admire here works of 15th - 17th century Italian masters and prints by important European artists.

Serbian Bishops' Collection Museum

4 Unirii Square

(256) 430 426

The museum's collection includes fabulous portraits and outstanding 18th century icons.