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Sulina Attractions

St. Nicholas Church

This beautiful, small church was constructed between 1863 and 1868, and was renovated in 1923. Legend says that, as traveling on the sea, St. Nicholas was surprised by a terrible storm and started to pray and ask the Lord to stop the storm, fact which happened, and which made St. Nicholas the patron of the sailor and travelers. Naturally, many churches in Sulina, made St. Nicholas their spiritual guide, as the city is situated in the Danube region and on the Black Sea seashore, and sailing is the main activity.

Former Home of Writer Jean Bart

Eugeniu P. Botez, born in November, 1874, also known as Jean Bart, after the famous sailor who lived between 1650 si 1704, was a significant Romanian writer who ended his carrer with the famous novel "Europolis", represented by G. Calinescu, and printed in 1933, the same year when Jean Bart died. The house is preserved in his memory and has become a major cultural attractions in the area.

St. Nicholas and Alexander Orthodox Cathedral

The cathedral was built between 1910 and 1912, and its construction was largely funded by Gala Galaction, also known as "The Man of a New World", Romanian Orthodox clergyman and theologian, writer, journalist, left-wing activist, and significant political figure of the People's Republic of Romania. It is one of the most significant historical and religious edifices in the region.

Maritime Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery is not, perhaps, one's main priority, when traveling. However, there are several cemetries in the world, considered to be priceless monumnets, and the one in Sulina is one of them. It is considered to be one of the oldest and multicultural cemeteries in the world, and actually consists of three smaller cemeteries: a Christian cemetery, a Muslim cemetery and a Jewish cemetery. A famous engineer, numerous officers from the Romanian Royal Navy and even a Romanian Princess are buried here.

Other major attractions in Sulina, include: Sulina's promenade, Sulina's European Commission of the Danube Palace and the Sulina Beach, one of the best retreats for the nature enthusiasts, and a great spot in the city to cool off during a hot summer day.