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About Sulina

As one of the Danube Delta's communities, Sulina is a real natural paradise, a genuine heaven for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, some describind it as the sound of the wind, or the song of the sea, as it situated at the point where the Danube and the Black Sea meet in a wild and untouched natural splendor.

The people who chose to remain in Sulina remember today Sir Charles Hartley, the man who was once called "Father of Danube", and who constructed the Lighthouse, which today is of valuable and monumental historical importance to the area.

Although, due to its natural beauty and authentic historical allure, Sulina is an attraction on its own, there are dozens of attractions waiting to be discovered in the area that surrounds the city, such as Aegysus Fortress, the main attraction of Tulcea County, a Getic settlement, of, probably, Celtic origin, or, simply said, the entire Danube Delta area, boasting endless recreational opportunities for all tastes and ages.

Sulina's most famous attractions are: the already reminded Lighthouse, dating from the 1800s, the maritime cemetery, unique in the country and the entire Europe, and the almost untouched beach, which is the largest area of its kind on the Black Sea seacoast.

It might sound like Sulina does not have much to offer travelers, but the unique experience of visiting the city cannot be described in words, as its natural beauty is overwhelming.

Do's and Dont's in Danube Delta

- Treat with respect flora and fauna, and please do not leave garbage lying around.

- Do bring layered clothing, especially if you have children with you.

- Do Not drink water from the Danube Delta, unless you boil it prior.

- You can fish or go birdwatching (these are actually among the top things to do in the Delta).

- Do not venture alone in unexplored places!

- Do bring a bug spray - it will come in handy (you will be in the middle of the nature, therefore encountering bugs will be unavoidable).