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Major Tourists Attractions near Sinaia Resort

If you took your time to see everything there is to see in Sinaia, and still have some vacation left, don’t worry — there’s plenty more to see nearby, minutes away by car or by train!

Busteni Royal Church (Biserica Domneasca)

It is a copy of Horezu Monastery, at a smaller scale. Due to its architectural features and old existence, it represents one of the most remarkable monuments in the area.

It is a beautiful orthodox church that dates since 1889, with King Carol the 1st and Queen Elizabeth painted, in actual size, in the forecourt, the two people who started its building.

The gorgeous surroundings and the magnificent religious paintings inside are two strong reasons why this Busteni Royal Church should not be overlooked, when sightseeing in the area.

Bran Castle

This fairy-tale-like castle, also known as Dracula’s castle is one of Romania’s best known tourist attractions. Its legend binds myth and reality, suggesting mystery and history, taking visitors in a journey back in time from the very first step.

Although just seeing it represents a delightful sightseeing experience, tourists can enjoy much, much more, various events and festivities being held here, throughout the year, some which include royal visitors such as Princess Ileana’s children — Elizabeth, Mary-Magdalena and Dominic.

Whether seeing it as Dracula’s home or as an grand medieval fortress, visiting Bran Castle is an experience like none other.

Cantacuzino Castle

When driving from Busteni to Brasov, not far away from the highway, on the right side of the road, in the middle of a dense pine tree forest, a strange silhouette resembling a fairy-tale like castle appears and draws people to discover its story.

Alongside Peles and Pelisor castles, although, unfortunately underestimated by visitors, Cantacuzino Castle is quickly becoming one of Valea Prahovei’s most significant tourist and historical attractions.

Although, partially restored over the years, and slightly modernized, the castle still keeps a historical allure that mesmerizes anyone stepping inside. Nowadays, the ball room is used as a wedding and special-event venue, and there is also a restaurant/café, where visitors can sit back and relax, but…as the saying goes “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, therefore, it depends on how one wants to see the castle — as a piece of history or as a place to sip a cup of coffee, while sightseeing in the area — whatever the reason, a stop at this beautiful castle is a must.

Caraiman Monastery

Set in a charming and peaceful setting, orthodox Caraiman Monastery is definitely worth seeing. The road taking to the monastery is like a discovery quest, the monastery being set high, on top of brick and wood stairs, in magnificent mountain surroundings, isolated from all the loud music down from where the stairs begin, being a quiet and peaceful oasis, suitable for all people in search of healing their soul or just thirsty for sightseeing.

The monastery was starter by father Gherontie Puiu, who chose it as its home after the Virgin Mary appeared in his dreams, several times, guiding his steps to build the monastery we see today.

Rsnov Fortress

It is one of the best preserved attraction of its kind in Transylvania. Although, simple in architecture, the fortress is still worth seeing, being, perhaps, especially of interest to history-passionate visitors, revealing the lifestyle of the people who lived here in the 13th or 14th century, as archaeological diggings have suggested its existence time period.

Natural Park Bucegi

A great way to get some fresh air and exercise is to hit the tourist routes in the area, and Natural Park Bucegi has plenty, some of which are listed below.

» Sinaia — Alpin Hotel— Curmatura Varfului cu Dor — Valea Izvorului Dorului — Saua Laptici — Pestera Hotel. Duration: 5h to 6 h;

» Poiana Stânei — Valea Babei — Poiana Tapului. Duration: 1h — 1h 1/2;

» Poiana Tapului — Cascada Urlatoare. Duration: approx. 1h;

» Busteni — Cascada Urlatoare. Duration: 1h ½;

» Busteni — Drumul Urlatorilor — Cantonul Jepi — Piatra Arsa cabin. Duration: 3h — 4h;

» Busteni — Caminul Alpin — Poiana Costilei — Poiana Pichetul Rosu — La Prepeleac — Valea Malaiesti. Duration: 5h — 6h;

» Busteni — Caminul Alpin — Gura Diham cabin — Saua Baiului — Diham cabin. Duration: 2h — 3h;

» Gara Azuga — Valea Grecului — Saua Baiului — Diham cabin. Duration: 2h ½;

» Bran — Poiana Clincea — Saua din Tiganesti — Omu cabin. Duration: 5h — 6h ½;

» Jepii Mici Mountain — Caraiman cabin. Duration: 20 min;

» Sinaia — Valea Izvorului — Pasul Paduchiosului — Popasul ‘Cota 1000‘ — Valea Ialomicioara — Moroieni. Duration: 3h — 4h.