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Eating Out in Sighisoara

Where to eat, while staying in Sighisoara?

To get an idea about which restaurant to choose, when going out in Sighisoara, check out the list below, which contains some of the most popular dining spots in the city.

Chic Restaurant

Address: 42 Libertatii Street

Phone: 0265 775 901

Casa cu Cerb Restaurant

Address: 1 Scolii Street

Phone: 0265 774 625

Sighisoara Restaurant

Address: 4-6 Scolii Street

Phone: 0265 771 000

Vlad Dracul Restaurant

Address: 5 Cositorarilor Street

Phone: 0265 771 596

Perla Restaurant

Address: 15 Herman Oberth Street

Phone: 0265 771 900

Poienita Restaurant

Address: 24 Dimitrie Cantemir Street

Phone: 0265 772 739