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Attractions in Satu Mare

Orthodox Church of the Archangels Gabriel & Michael

No. 4, 1 Decembrie 1918 Street

This monumental building was constructed between 1932 and 1937, and it is an example of traditional Romanian architecture. Besides admiring the beauty of the cathedral, in the basement of the church, visitors can also admire over 40 beautiful wooden and glass icons, including 7 from the wooden church in Corund, dating since the 2nd half of the 18th century and 4 royal ones from the church in Oar, dating from the same period. In addition to the magnificent collection of icons, there is also a vast collection of bibliography, featuring 500 remarcable Romanian books, such as Cazania lui Varlaam (Iasi, 1693), Chiriacodromul de la Balgrad (1699), and writings of Antim Ivireanul.

Satu Mare County Museum

No. 21 Lucaciu Street

004 0261 737 526

The museum features a vast collection of exhibits from areas such as archaeology, history, etnography and art, revealing the city's history and past lifestyles, giving visitors the chance to take a glimpse into Satu Mare's bygone eras, portraying its way through modernism.

Romanian Soldier Monument (Monumentul Ostasului Roman)

No. 2 Vasile Lucaciu Boulevard

The monuments was risen in 1963, in honor of the soldiers of the 4th Army, who fought hard battles in October, 1944, for the freedom of the northern Romanian teritory. It is a masterpiece signed by Emil Mereanu.

Lupa Capitolina Statue

Vasile Lucaciu Park

It is a symbol of the latin blood of Romanians, and it is a copy of the famous Napocene She-wolf.

Firemen Tower (Turnul Pompierilor)

Satu Mare city center

The tower dates since the 1900s and it is one of the most significant historical attractions in the city. It is 45 m high and, on top of the dome, there is an old emblem of the city. Firemen Tower is a symbol of old Satu Mare.

Roman-Catholic Cathedral

No. 24 Freedom Square

This magnificent relgious attraction is considered a "must", when visiting Satu Mare. It is beautiful both inside and out, the interior featuring a gorgeous Cararra marble altar, sculpted by Toman Felix, with a painting executed at Laibach, representing the rising of the Lord, and the exterior boasting a huge facade, with two impossive towers, 40 m high, with a round dome. The present "face" of the cathedral was finalized during the time of bishop Ham Janos.