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About Satu Mare

The 18th century marked the beginning of an intense urbanization process of Satu Mare, some of the city's main attractions dating from that period, including the old city hall, the military barracks, the Catholic and Reformed churches.

The old town, which stretches north of the river Somes, contains some of the major attractions in Satu Mare. Unfortunately, during the reign of Ceausescu, a huge part of the historic district was destroyed.

A walk on Traian Boulevard will lead you to the central Freedom Square (Piata Libertatii), where you will find several churches, museums and hotels. On "1 Decembrie 1918" street you will find the large Orthodox Church of the Archangels Gabriel & Michael, including other buildings that show the old glamour of Satu Mare.

The large domes of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral, built around the year 1800, can be admired in the city centre, facing the eastern part of Freedom Square, and, right in the middle of Peace Square (Piata Pacii), you will find the small 19th century Hungarian Reformed Church, also known as the Church with Chains (Biserica cu Lanturi), built between 1793 and 1802, one of the oldest churches in the city.

Satu Mare County Museum is also worth visiting, as so it is the Art Section, on Freedom Square, including nearby Land of Oas (Tara Oasului), where, each Spring, village people and farmers in the Oas region gather on a hillside overlooking Huta-Certeze to celebrate Sambra Oilor, a centuries-old traditional festival that marks the time of the year when shepherds leave for the mountains with their sheep.

As a "bonus", Satu Mare visitors can also choose to make day trips to the wooden churches of Maramures, 60-90 miles west from the city, including to Baia Mare and Oradea, 41 miles west and 81 miles south of the city, where dozens of other appealing attractions awaits to be discovered.

Quick Facts

- Location: Northwestern Romania

- County: Satu Mare

- Population: 114,000

- First documented: 1181

- Size: 58 sq. miles

- Elevation: 410 ft.