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Poiana Brasov

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Hotel Aro Palace

Eroilor Boulevard Nr 27 - 29, Braşov

8.50 Very good
Score from 673 ratings

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Ana Hotels Sport Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov, Poiana Brasov

8.70 Very good
Score from 201 ratings

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Hotel Piatra Mare

Poiana Brasov, Poiana Brasov

7.60 Good
Score from 174 ratings

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Alpin Resort Hotel

Strada Poiana Doamnei, Poiana Brasov

8.20 Very good
Score from 798 ratings

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Hotel Orizont

Trei Brazi Str. 6, Predeal

8.00 Very good
Score from 1494 ratings

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Teleferic Grand Hotel

Str. Poiana Soarelui Nr. 243, Poiana Brasov

9.50 Excelent
Score from 711 ratings

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About Poiana Brasov

Just 12 km away from Brasov city, at the foot of Postavaru massif, surrounded by coniferous forests, there is Romania's most famous skiing resort - Poiana Brasov, preferred not only by Romanian tourists, but by winter sports-enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Poiana Brasov, along with Predeal and Sinaia - the three most important resorts in Romania, offers visitors a wide range of winter and summer sports, including skiing, snow boarding, driving snowmobiles, swimming, climbing, tennis and roller skating. ...more

City Break at Poiana Brasov By Janet, passionate traveler

City Break at Poiana Brasov By Janet, passionate traveler

Let me tell you a story. I have recently gone to Poiana Brasov, a wonderful mountain resort near the city of Brasov, in the heart of the historical Transylvania region. My trip started in Bran, continued to Rasnov and Brasov, with its resort Poiana Brasov, so I will share with you a bit of each location and the experiences I had in just one day of walking around these amazing places.

Arriving at Bran, the famous Dracula’s Castle overwhelms the scenery of this small mountain resort, filled with peaceful, traditional cottages and hotels.
The main attraction of Bran is definitely Dracula’s Castle, located right in the center of the city and surrounded by restaurants, cafes and bars. When you arrive at the castle, you are welcomed by locals selling traditional Transylvanian items, so you can buy real authentic souvenirs, most of them handmade. It’s a place full of history and legends and if you dare to enter the castle, you’ll experience some “vampire” feelings, specific to the location. But I’ll tell you no more about Dracula’s Castle, as you need to feel it on your own and share with others the legends and experiences that make this place unique.

Moving to Rasnov, I was impressed by this small, medieval city and its architectural style, a bit different from the rest of the area. When you get close to the city from Bran, Rasnov Citadel dominates the landscape and scenery of the city. There are several street signs leading to the Citadel, so you can easily find the right way there, and it’s actually quite close to the main road. When you arrive at the Citadel’s base, there is a large free parking where you can leave your car and take a traditional small bus up on the hill to visit the Citadel.

Or you can just walk, if the weather is fine, it will probably take you around 10 to 15 minutes by foot. Once arrived at Rasnov Citadel, I was actually amazed by the number of tourists (a lot of them foreigners) visiting the Citadel in a working day. My experience there was a little bit tough because it was extremely hot that day and the sun burnt everyone who was not correctly equipped for an extremely warm day. Anyway, besides this issue, the visit to Rasnov Citadel was an amazing experience, the views you have from the top of the stone walls are just breathtaking. I strongly recommend anyone who arrives in the area of Bran and Rasnov to climb up the hill and visit the Citadel, it’s a great medieval sight worth seeing.

From Rasnov to Brasov you pass through a small city called Cristian and there are about 15 kilometers to the old city center of Brasov, where the Council Square is the main attraction of the city. Brasov is also a medieval town, it is one of the most developed cities in Romania and one of the biggest in Transylvania. You have all this information and much more in one of the tourist info centers spread around the city, but mainly in the old town center.

There are a lot of attractions and sights in Brasov, it would take me another story to tell you about them, but make sure you don’t miss the Council Square and the small medieval streets leading to it, the Black Church (also in the old city center), Tampa Mountain (accessible by cable car from the city center and offering wonderful views of Brasov) and the Fortress Hill. Stop at one of the street cafes, buy some souvenirs and move on to Poiana Brasov.

Now let me tell you more about Poiana Brasov and the amazing tea house that I found near Brasov. Getting to Poiana Brasov from Brasov city center took me about 15 minutes by car, it is definitely a scenic drive worth trying, you can see the whole city of Brasov from the edge of the road and I did stop several times to take pictures of this beautiful scenery.

When you enter Poiana Brasov, you can immediately notice the resemblance of the mountain resort with some of Europe’s nicest places of this kind in countries like Austria or Germany. Poiana Brasov seemed to me a very modern resort, suitable for all seasons but mainly visited by tourists during the winter. It is a quite small resort, and it ends at the base of its largest ski slope – I understood there are 3 or 4 ski slopes in Poiana Brasov.

At about 5 minutes by car as you drive down from Poiana Brasov, on the right side of the road there is a sign leading to a Tea House. At the first glance, I wasn’t sure if I should stop there for a cup of hot tea in a warm day, but it seemed interesting to see the place overlooking the mountains and the city of Brasov. As you park the car, you climb down some stairs and at only 50 meters from the parking lot, there is the Tea House.

The place is called Open Heart Tea House, it is a small wooden cottage, but with an amazing atmosphere and great views of Brasov. I may even say it’s very similar in style and mood with the famous coffee company present worldwide. But this is not all. Once arrived there, you can sit on their outdoor terrace or inside the Tea House, from where you can see the city of Brasov. Their tea selection is made of over 200 different tea types, hot or cold, exotic or organic. I was also impressed by their decorative style, relaxing music and product presentation. You are given a whole tea set when you are served, and this makes the experience even more pleasant. I spent there more than an hour, but trust me, you can spend much more time on the terrace looking at the amazing city of Brasov and enjoying the silence of the mountains.

So, in just a few words, that was my one day experience of Bran, Rasnov and Brasov in a hot summer day of August. By Janet, passionate traveler