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Attractions in Ploiesti

Art Museum of Prahova County „Ion Ionescu-Quintus”

Independentei Blvd, 1

Geographical coordinates: 44° 56′ 15.74" N, 26° 1′ 33.37" E

Phone/Fax: +40 244 522 264; +40 244 511 375

Located in a historic building, an architectural monument of a national value situated in the centre of Ploiesti City. The Museum's patrimony consists mainly of modern and contemporary Romanian Art (19th and 20th centuries) and is structured into collections: painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art. Here you will find art works masterfully executed by famous artists of Romania, such as: Nicolae Grigorescu, Ion Andreescu, Ştefan Luchian, Gheorghe Tăttărescu, Constantin Daniel Rosenthal, Nicolae Tonitza, Corneliu Baba, Dimitrie Paciurea, Cornel Medrea, Ana Lupaş, Mariana Grumăzescu-Voicu and many others.

Nichita Stanescu Memorial House

Nichita Stanescu, 1

Phone:+40 244 100 768

The memorial house dates since 1926-1927 and was started by Hristea Stanescu, the poet's grandfather, along with the peot's father, Nicolae, and his brother Georghe. The house features a musical collection that includes furniture, the poet's piano, books with autographs and international awards earned by the poet. The collection also includes manuscripts and original documents, photographs, and various personal items.

Prahova History and Archaeology Museum

Phone:+40 0244 522.656 ;+40 0244 / 514.437

Toma Caragiu, 10

The museum is a neoclasic architectural monument and dates since 1865. Its archaeological exhibits include neolithic ceramics, from the Bronze era, Geto-Dacic historical items, including memorial items which belonged to significant national historic personalities, such as Al. I. Cuza, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Nicolae Iorga, Nicolae Titulescu, and George Enescu, as well as displays of old coins, medals, old books and more.

Natural Science Museum

Phone:+40 0244 597896

Erou Calin Catalin, 1

It is housed within the Cultural Palace and dates since 1936. It offer exhibits and displays that reveal the geology and geography of the area between Dambovita and Ramnicu Sarat, including an acquarium, superior plant collections, and exotic butterflies.

Clock Museum

Phone:+40 0244 542861

Nicolae Simache, 1

There are more than 4000 watches and clocks on display at this popular museum in Ploiesti, including solar, decorative, pocket watches, bracelet-watches, and historical clocks dating since XVIII - XIX centuries.

Oil Museum

Phone:+40 0244 519542

Dr. Bagdasar nr. 8 Street

The founding of the museum was inspired by the centenary celebration of the Romanian oil industry in 1957. The exhibits include tools and miner lamps since the XIX century, geological maps, minerals, photographs and many other oil-related items.

I. L. Caragiale Memorial Museum

Phone:+40 244 525394

Kutuzov nr. 1 Street

The museum was opened in 1962, 50 years after the death of one of the most important and significant Romanian writers. The memorial museum features a documentary collection that reveals the most important moments in the life of I. L. Caragiale - photos of his family, which inspired his passion for theatre, memories of the school years in Ploiesti and the main publications that got him to the top, including a few pieces of furniture.

Other major attractions in Ploiesti, include: The Art Museum, on Independentei Boulevard, The Hunters' Monument, dedicated to the heroes of 1877–1878, The Orthodox Cathedral, Nichita Stanescu Park, Mihai Viteazul Statue, Mihai Eminescu Bust, Central Market and the entire downtown area.