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Pitesti Attractions

Pitesti Philarmonic Orchestra

No. 2, Craiovei Street, Casa Cartii (Book's House)

0040-248 220 111

Pitesti Philarmonic Orchestra was born in the spring of year 2007, under the roof of Pitesti Municipality Cultural Centre. It is a professional institution of interpretative art that has the mission to promote values of Romanian and universal musical culture, through concerts - symphonic, vocal-symphonic, choral, and recitals, cultural-artistic events and actions in the country and abroad, and cultural-artistic projects in co-operation with artists and institutions from the country and abroad. The concerts of Pitesti Philarmonic Orchestra are performed on the stage of Cultural House of Trade Unions.

Pitesti Cultural House of Trade-Unions

No. 3, Vasile Milea Square

0040-348.807 591

This famous institution was designed by architect Cezar Lazarescu, former president of Romanian Architects Union. In over 30 years of activity, it has delighted more than a half million culture-passionates, with choirs, music, folk and traditional dances bands, ballet and society dances troupes, including painting, sculpture, graphics, and national art exhibitions. It has seen great artists such as Marin Sorescu, Nicolae Breban, Gheorghe Tomozei, Mihai Straianu, Ana Blandiana, Alexandru Ivasiuc, Adrian Paunescu and many others, who not once chose it for their book launching or meetings with the public.

Arges County Museum

No.44, Armand Calinescu Street, Arges county


Over 80 years-old, Arges County Museum is the oldest institution of profile from Arges county. Its main exhibitions are the History Exhibition and Nature Science Exhibition, inaugurated in 1974 and 1977.

Bratianu Cultural Centre

Florica villa, Stefanesti, Arges county

0040 248-266 703

The Cultural Centre was founded on 1st of January 1993, and it is named after the first daughter of Ion C. Bratianu. The residence and household of Bratianu family from Florica are historical monuments of the Romanian culture and civilization. On Florica estate, visitors will also find the buildings of Zoo Technical Research Station, building of power station, the building from Gradinari, near the church, the church and the house (Florica Villa). These buildings were constructed between years 1905 - 1912, in neo Roman architectural style, using the plans of architect Petre Antonescu.

Pitesti Zoo

Trivale Park

0372 900 297

Home to over 130 animals, representing 39 species, from Siberian tigers to Camerun goats, the zoo in Pitesti is always a delight for visitors, especially for the little ones. It is the perfect choice, when it comes to family-friendly attractions in Pitesti.

Other major attractions in Pitesti, include: the Palace of Children and Pupils, on Trivale Street, Education House, in the city center of Pitesti, on I.C. Bratianu Blvd, Popular Creation Centre, on Republicii Blvd, and Pitesti Military Circle, in Vasile Milea Square, offering musicals, literary debates, symposiums, conferences, interactive debates, round table discussions, sessions of scientific reports and communications, book exhibitions, movie presentations, and much, much more.