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Attractions in Oradea

Bishop's Palace (The Museum of Crisurilor Country)

Sirul Canonicilor nr. 2

At a distance of only 5 minutes from the station in Oradea, we find the grandiose Bishop's Palace, dating since 1762. The palace has a gorgeous chapel, with the ceiling and walls covered in fresques, and a vast collections that contains more than 250.000 items, presented in 4 divisions: history, ethnography, art and natural sciences.

Roman Catholic Cathedral

The cathedral was built between 1752 1780, and it is Romania's largest Baroque religious edifice. The cathedral's altars are classic, reflecting sobriety and simplicity, features specific to the late-baroque era. The interior and exterior are both gorgeous.

Black Eagle Palace

1 Independence Street

This fantastic building dates since the 1900s. It is one of Oradea's reprezentative architectural monuments. A glass-roofed art nouveau shopping arcade (Pasajul Vulturul Negru) runs through the two main buildings of the palace. Inside you will find shops, a four-star hotel, cafes and a cinema.

Church of the Moon

0259 436 466

The church was completed in 1790. Its name is given by the clock mechanism, installed in 1793, featuring a half-gold, half-black sphere, maintained in perpetual motion, reproducing the phases of the moon. The architecture is baroque, with neoclassical influences.

Oradea Fortress

Grivitei Street

0259 435 140

The spectacular Oradea Fortress is Oradea's most imposing sight. It is a place of living history and tradition. It is one of the few fortresses still in use today. Throughout the year the citadel plays host to several art exhibitions and craft fairs.

Museum of the Crisana Region

1-3 Dacia Boulevard

(259) 412 724

"Today after 110 years of existence the Tara Crisurilor Museum has arrived at an age of maturity becoming an important local, national and European cultural reality." The museum is divided into the following sections: natural sciences, history, art and ethnography, through which it reveals all about the Crisana region.

Other major attractions in Oradea, include: Iosif Vulcan Museum, located in the city centre, dedicated to the great Romanian scholar Iosif Vulcan, the Great Temple, on Mihai Viteazu Street, built in 1890, the exuberant art nouveau structure - Moskovits building (Cladirea Moskovits), located at the corner of str. Independentei and str. Vasile Alecsandri, and the neoclassical State Theater (Teatrul de Stat), located across the bridge from Union Square (Piata Unirii), dominating King Ferdinand Square (Piata Regele Fedinand).