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About Mangalia

Mangalia traces its roots back to ancient Callatis, a Greek colony which was founded in the 6th century BC, by the city of Heraclea Pontica. History tells us that in 72 BC Callatis was conquered by the Roman general Lucullus and was assigned to the Roman province of Moesia Inferior.

Throughout the 3rd century AD, the city suffered multiple invasions, but, by the 4th century, it managed to regain its status as an important trade hub and port city.

Starting with the 9th century, Callatis became known by the Turks as Pangalia, by the Romanians as Tomisovara, and by the Greeks and Panglicara, its name changing to its present form, somewhere along the way.

Mangalia was one of the most important ports on the west coast of the Black Sea, and it currently is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the present territory of Romania.

Today, Mangalia is one of the preferred vacation destinations by Romanians all over the country, offering plenty of appealing attractions and recreational opportunities, to keep boredom away.

The Touristic Port, the city's Horse Ranch, Callatis Archaeology Museum, the Byzantine Edifice, Mangalia Lake, the Marine Museum and Movile and Limanu Caves are only a few of the delights which can be enjoyed by tourists in the wonderful city of Mangalia.