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Attractions in Craiova

The Art Museum

Jean Mihail Palace, 15 Unirii Way (Calea Unirii)

0251 412 342

Craiova's Art Museum is housed within the magnificent palace of the former magnate Jean Mihail, built between 1899-1907, which, stylistically, is a rather free interpretation of the late baroque. The museum has an elegant backgrround, with Venetian mirrors, candelabrums of Murano crystal, Carrara marble staircases, and walls with tapestry of Lyon silk, and it is divided into 3 sections - The European art Gallery, The Romanian Art Gallery, and The Brancusi room - all offering exquisite displays.

The Church of Cosuna Monastery

17 Cosuna Street

Cosuna Monastery is of priceless patrimony value for Oltenia Mitropoly and it is, architecturally speaking, characterized by a mix of byzantine and local folcloric elements.

Nicolae Romanescu Park

South side of Craiova City

It is also known as Bibescu Park, due to the fact that it lies on a land bought by Craiova City Hall, in 1853, from Iancu Bibescu. It is considered to be among the most picturesque parks in the country, and it is also the 3rd largest one in Europe.

Baniei House

14 Madona Dudu Street

0251 417 756

Casa Baniei is a medieval architectural monument and it is the oldest civil construction in Craiova. Throughout its existence, it has been torched various times, has had various administrations, and has suffered numerous architectural modifications. It is one of Craiova's most significant historical attractions and it is a definitely "must", when visiting.

Mihai Viteazu Square

The square is home to the city's beautiful musical fountain, which is unique in the country and it is 3rd in the world, right after the ones in Shanghai-China and Prague-The Czech Republic.

Museum of Oltenia

44 Madona Dudu Street

251 411 906

The museum is housed in Baniei House, and presents, in full detail, the traditional trades and occupations of peasants in Oltenia, featuding displays of wooden carvings and ceramics, a large collection of jars, bowls of all kinds, plates, carpets in the style and manner used in Oltenita as well as fascinating folk costumes from Oltenita.

Other major attractions in Craiova, include: the Botanical Garden, Saint Ilie Church, All Saints Church, Horezu Monastery & Horezu Pottery Centre, about 96 miles north of Craiova, and Curtea de Arges, which is about 98 miles northeast of Craiova.