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About Neptun - Olimp, Romania

Although, still one of the most popular seaside destinations in the country, over the years, Olimp has, somehow, lost a "piece" of its popularity, today, being mostly solicited by people in search of peace and quiet.

Olimp has always had an Occidental-resort look, mainly due to the architecture of its hotels, commercial spaces, clubs and terraces, which has made it one of the most frequented touristical resort since before 1989.

The area boasts gorgeous views of the Black Sea, clubs, discos, bowling alleys, and all kinds of other entertainment opportunities, plus, the beach is also chosen as the "set" for many TV shows and radio shows, during the entire summer season.

Neptun and Olimp are administratively part of Mangalia, which is another popular summer destination, only 6 km from where the two resorts are situated.

Due to their popularity and closeness, once separated, the two popular resorts - Neptun and Olimp - became one, which can only mean that visitors have double fun, double accommodation, double nightlife.....double everything.

The beach in Neptun is close to the beach in Jupiter, to the south, and with the one in Olimp, to the north. The most famous area of the beach is called "La Steaguri" (in rough English translation - "At the Flags"), which was once used by people to treat their circulatory problems, today considered to be the best beach on the coastline.

The accommodation options in the area are as pleasant as they can be. The hotels have an elegant architecture, and they are surrounded by green spaces, mostly 2 to 3 stars.

According to specialists, the beaches in the area are appropriate for curing all kinds of diseases, starting from circulatory to dermatological, including respiratory, by combining the classical procedures with the area's natural clime factors and water properties.