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About Mangalia, Romania

Mangalia is the southern most seaside resort on the Black Sea coastline. It is situated about 44 km south from Constanta, at the same latitude as the French city of Nisa.

It is home to Lake Mangalia, at the north of which there are springs rich in sulfurous, mezothermal water, as well as to a beautiful beach, with fine, golden sand.

As well as the other nearby seaside resorts, Mangalia is appropriate, as well, for treating degenerative rheumatic diseases, as well as articular, nutritional, orthopedic, respiratory, dermatological and many, many other health problems.

Mangalia benefits of a climate similar to the Mediterranean one, with an annual temperature average that it is higher than any other in the country. During summer, the sunshine lasts between 10 to 12 hours a day, and the winters are mild.

Despite popular believe, Mangalia is not only a wonderful summer destination, and it is not popular only for that. It is a city with a rich history, surrounded by legends and old tells. It is believed that an ancient city has sunk right where the city stands today, many archaeologists being convinced of it, Romanian divers and historians currently trying to obtain funding for researching in the area.

Moreover, numerous ships are also believed to have seen their end here, and, after years of research, more and more historians are starting to believe that the area below where Mangalia stands, more exactly under water, numerous relics and ships will be found in the future.

Visitors can see for themselves the remains of ancient Callatis, right in front of the weather station, or, they can "dig in" more into the city's history at Callatis Museum, where various historical exhibits, related to the ancient city, can be admired, including ancient jewels and artifacts.

In fewer words, there's plenty to see and do in the wonderful seaside city of Mangalia, considered to be the most important destination of its kind on the Romanian Black Sea coastline.