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About Eforie Nord, Romania

Eforie Nord is situated between the Black Sea and Techirghiol Lake, "blending in" with Agigea to the north, and Eforie Sud, to the south, being only 15 km from Constanta. It is presently home to the most modern physiotherapeutic centers in the country - Efosan Sanatorium and Ana Aslan Helth SPA.

The beach in Eforie Nord has about 3km in length, and it is 20 to 100 m wide. It is a beautiful beach with fine sand, and amazing surroundings, also offering an amazing view of the ocean.

Just like all the other seaside resorts on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, Eforie Nord boasts a myriad of restaurants, bars, hotels, and outdoor terraces, perhaps, its most famous restaurant being Nunta Zamfirei (Zamfirei's Wedding), which offers a unique artistic program, highly appreciated, especially by foreign visitors.


Of course, Eforie Nord has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters, and sunshine that lasts up to 12 hours a day, during summer, offering tourists optimal beach conditions.

Major Nearby Attractions

Techirghiol Lake - the most famous therapeutic mud lake in the country, as well as the largest saline lake, comprising an area of not less than 11,7 square km. The area where the lake stands is home to more than 100 species of birds, most of them rare or endangered;

St. Maria Techirghiol Monastery - built around 1750, by village Maioresti's elders, St. Maria Techirghiol represents one of the most significant historical constructions in the area;

St. Andrew Cave - It is considered to be the first building for religious practice in the country. It is situated on the Constanta - Ostrov highway, and, nearby, there are the 9 springs, where, according to traditional believe, St. Andrew baptized the first Christians in Romania, in the 1st century, AD.