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About Costinesti, Romania

Costinesti is famous for its thriving nightlife and outdoor entertainment, which ranges from family-friendly, to top-of-the-notch discos and clubs that spin all kinds of beats.

Perhaps, its best known nightspots are "The Ring" disco, "Youth Disco", "Vox Maris", "Sun", "Panoramic Club", and "Pavilion". Other major attractions include the wreck of "Evanghelia" ship, which was a commercial Greek ship that belonged to famous business man Aristotel Onassis, who abandoned it due to the high estimated renovating costs, being afterward placed under the care of the Romanian state patrimony, thus, over the years, becoming a symbol of Costinesti and one of its most popular tourist attractions.

Much like Mangalia, Costinesti is also a city with a rich historical background, in addition to being a gorgeous seaside summer destination, proofs of it existing since ancient times having been found all over the area, attesting the fact that it was inhabited since the Iron age, including by Greeks, Romans and other, until its transformation into the city we know today, after the Germans colonized it.

Natural Touristic Patrimony

- Costinesti Lake

- Costinesti Beach

- Costinesti Cliff


The clime in Costinesti is a pleasant maritime clime, with hot summers and mild winters.

Anthropic Touristic Patrimony

- Monasteries: "Sfanta Elena de la Mare" ("Saint Helen from the Sea");

- Monuments: the city boasts art works throughout its area signed by famous Romanian artists such as Ion Irimescu, Pavel Codita, Silvia Radu, Marcu Mihai, Rosu Nicolae, Cecilia Botez Storck, Adina tuculescu, Wilhelm Demeter and many, many others.

- The "Obelisque" - 200 tones, 18.5 m high, consists of 6 pieces that suggest a ship's mast with floating vales.