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Attractions in Constanta

Constanta National History and Archaeology Museum

12 Ovidiu Square


The museum, which was inaugurated in 1977, December 25, in the former City Hall of the town, has a history that spans on more than 100 years. It offers insights about Constanta City, through a patrimony with more than 430.000 historical objects, which shows the settlements profile across the centuries, from the prehistoric era until 1940, attesting facts, events, and portraits of important personalities from Constanta.

Constanta Museum of Art

82 - 84 Tomis Boulevard


The Art Museum in Constanta highlights works signed by great sculptors such as Ioan Georgescu, Stefan Ionescu Valbudea, Friederic Storck, or Dimitrie Paciurea, including paintings by artists of equal importance.

Constanta Natural Science Museum

255 Mamaia Boulevard


The Natural Science Museum in Constanta is a public cultural institution, run by the Constanta County Council, and features a dolphinarium, an aquarium, exotic birds, a mini zoo and a planetarium. It is a popular attraction in Constanta, especially favored by the little ones.

Constanta Popular Art Museum

32 Tomis Boulevard


The museum dates since 1893 and it is considered an architectural monument. It houses a vast collection of popular (folcloric) creations, gathered throughout decades, which includes ceramics, wood and glass icons, textiles, accessories, house items made from ceramics, wood or metal, including many other historical items that tell the country's story and past lifestyles.

Roman Marine Museum

53 Traian Street


It is located near Constanta Port and it is housed in a building that dates since the 1900's. Through stone maps, anchors, Greek and Roman models, and displays of many other marine-related items, Constanta's Roman Marine Museum illustrates the history of navigation since antiquity. You will be able to admire here anchors made from wood, steel and iron, including the museum's oldest steering wheel (timona) on display, from the Elizabeth vessel, built in England, in 1888.

Other major attractions in Constanta City, include: The National Military Museum, on 1-3 Liliacului Street, Constanta Ovidius Theatre, on 97 Mircea cel Batran Street, Art & Craft Gallery, on 16 Ion Lahovari Street, and Aqua Magic water theme park, in nearby Mamaia.