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About Constanta

Every summer (but not only), Constanta is the choice of many visitors, from around the country, as well as from around the world, who come here to bath in the sun, relax, and admire its beauty.

The city is a popular summer destination and houses numerous attractions, for every taste and age. It has great museums, among which we find The Popular Art Museum, The National History and Archaeology Museum, or The Roman Marine Museum, including beautiful theatres and art galleries.

In addition to the attractions within Constanta, visitors can also enjoy numerous other attractions, in the nearby cities, such as Mamaia, where there is Aqua Magic, a place of "splashy" fun for the entire family, or Vacation Village (Satul de Vacanta), where you can try delicious traditional treats in over 30 such restaurants, and where you can purchase beautiful, hand-made souvenirs for the loved ones, back home.

Constanta is also home to Ancient Histria, the first Greek colony on the west coast of the Black Sea and the oldest town in the country. Histria stands on what today is Lake Sinoe's shore. The ruins of the settlement were first identified in 1868 by French archaeologist Ernest Desjardins. The Histria Museum, founded in 1982, exhibits some of the finds, achieved through excavations run by Vasile Pârvan in 1914, Scarlat and Marcelle Lambrino (1928—1943), Emil Condurachi (1949—1970), Dionisie Pippidi, Petre Alexandrescu and Alexandru Suceveanu.

Like most (if not all) of Romania's cities, Constanta offers a unique mix of old and new, mesmerizing its visitors with its beauty, still alive history, attractions, and golden sand and sunny sky, during summer.

Quick Facts

- Location: Eastern Romania

- County: Constanta

- Inhabited since: 700 BC

- First documented: 300 BC (Tomis)

- Size: 22.4 sq. miles (58 sq. kilometers)

- Elevation: 0 -190 ft. (0-60 meters)

- Population: 345,000

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