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Access to Cluj and Local Transportation

Cluj county is served by Cluj-Napoca International Airport (CLJ), the third largest airport in Romania after Henri Coanda in Otopeni and Traian Vuia in Timisoara. Since 1996, the airport connects Cluj with international destinations, but it has also internal flights to Bucharest and Timisoara.

The airport is located in Someseni, at about 15 kilometers away from downtown Cluj-Napoca.

Getting to Cluj by car can be done on several routes, depending on your departure point, but here are the main access routes to Cluj:
- Bucharest-Oradea ( Bors) highway
- Cluj-Napoca — Oradea E60
- Cluj-Napoca — Baia Mare E576 + E58
- Cluj-Napoca — Satu-Mare E81
- Cluj-Napoca — Turda E60

Cluj-Napoca is also well connected to other cities in Romania and abroad by train , therefore if you choose the railway system from another city in Romania, you can check the InterCity trains that connect Cluj-Napoca with Oradea, Arad, Timisoara, Brasov, Sighisoara, Ploiesti and Bucharest. Of course there are other trains as well that go to other cities in Romania, and even two international trains connecting Cluj-Napoca with Budapest.

Once arrived in Cluj-Napoca, there are several public transportations means operating around the city — the bus, the trolleybus and the tramway. There are 25 bus lines, 7 trolleybus lines and 2 tramway lines and the tickets must be bought before taking the ride.

A one-way ticket will cost you less than 2 RON, that is about 0.40 Euro.