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Busteni Attractions

Royal Church (Biserica Domneasca)

This beautiful orthodox church is a smaller copy of Horezu Monastery and was contructed in 1889. Due to its architecture and old age, it is considered to be among the most remarcable historical monuments in Busteni.

The fact that the church was founded by Carol I and queen Elizabeth, is consistently reminded by the life-sized paintings of the two, which can be seen inside.

Caraiman Peak (Varful Caraiman)

Caraiman Peak is situated at an altitude of 2.025 m, and it is vizible from practically anywhere in Busteni, due to the Heroes' Cross, which is situated atop.

The Sphynx

This wonder of nature was named this way starting with 1936, although, the first photograph is known to have been taken sometime in the 1900s, but it was then taken from the front, and not from the side, as visitors and tourists are used to see it, nowadays. It is said that the human face form is most visible in November, at sunset.

Last Grenade Monument (Monumentul Ultima Grenada)

The statue is situated between the Royal Church and the train station, and it was risen in honor of "Caporal Vasile Musat", who died during WWI.

It is the work of sculptor Dumitru Barlad and represents the corporal as he is throwing a grenade with his right hand, towards the enemy camp.

History tells us that Vasile Musat was hurt many times in battle, but, driven by patriotism, he refused to abadon the battle. Although, his injuries forced the doctors to amputate his arm, he continued to participate in battles, throwing grenades at enemies, with his healthy hand. He died heroically, during the Oituz battles.

Queen Maria, along with the entire royal suite, witnessed when the statue was inaugurated, on September 9, 1928.

Kalinderu Ski Area

Kalinderu Ski Area in Busteni was named after Ion Kalinderu, president of the Roman Academy, who was born in December, 1840, and who played an important role in the city's development.

Kalinderu is known to be one of the most popular and modern ski areas in the country.

To ensure that ski-enthusiasts are happy the entire season, Kalinderu has an artificial snow machine with 21 hydrants and 4 snow cannons.

Bucegi National Park

Bucegi massif is well-known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature-lovers can enjoy all kinds of recreational activities, here. Fairy-tale surroundings and natural settings can be found at every pace.

Cantacuzino Castle

Cantacuzino Castle, architecturally, is placed among Romania's top castles. It dates since 1911, and, along with a series of cascades, caves and fountains, it is set within the park that once belonged to Gheorghe Cantacuzino prince, also known as "Nababu".

Presently, the castle is used as headquarters by the Internal Ministery, but it is planned to be reset within the touristical circuit, soon.

Other major attractions in Busteni include ski areas Piatra Arsa, Valea Gaura, Valea Cerbului, Babele-Pestera, and Costila-Caraiman, Omu Caban, Babele Caban, Busteni-Gura Diham ski area, Boncu ski area and Silva ski area.