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Brasov, Romania Attractions

The Council Square

In the historic center

The Council Sqaure, or Piata Sfatului as it is called, is perhaps, the most renowned and most visited spot in the city, being visited by tourists and residents, alike. It hosts various events, concerts and outdoor markets, throughout the year, and it is a popular meeting spot for teenagers. In the square there was once the Infamy Tower, where witches were judged and public punishments took place. The square is dominated by Casa Sfatului (Council House), which is in the center of the square, dating since 1420.

The Black Church

2 Johannes Honterus Court

The Black Church is the heart of Brasov. Over 500 years old, the church is the most reprezentative historical monument in the city. It is the largest Gothic church in Transilvania, and, according to some historians, the largest religious edifice between Viena and Instambul. It has one of largest collections of old rugs in Little Asia, as well as one of the largest organs in Europe, consisting of 4000 tubes.

Graft Bastion (Bastionul Graft)


One of Brasov's Defensive Fortifications. The newly restored 16th century bastion (1521) has four levels, accessible through interior staircases. On levels 2, 3 and 4, visitors can admire a vast array of medieval artifact exhibits, level serving more as a rest area.

White Tower (Turnul Alb)

The White Tower was completed in 1949 and it is situated near Graft Bastion. It has a wooden staircase that goes up four levels, offering amazing views of the old town. Being located on a high hill, in order to see it, visitors have to climb up 200 steps to reach it (however, it is worth it).

Black Tower (Turnul Negru)

Also built in 1494, the Black Tower stands atop a rock on Starja Hill near the Blacksmiths' Bastion. It received its name from a severe fire in 1559 when it was struck by lightning. The tower was renovated and boasts, today, a small war-related artifacts museum. There are four floors inside, each reached by a narrow wooden ladder. Climb all the way to the top for a panoramic view of the Black Church.

Catherine's Gate (Poarta Ecaterinei)

Erected in 1559 by the Tailors' Guild, Catherine's Gate is the only original gate to have survived from medieval times. This fairy-tale tower we see today was part of a bigger structure, which unfortunately, was demolished in 1827. The original structure can be seen at the Weavers' Bastion Museum where a large model of 16th century Brasov is displayed.

Other major attractions in Brasov, include: Schei Gate (Poarta Schei), also mentioned in documents under the name of Porta Valacce (Wallachs'Gate), with a history that goes way back to the 1800s, Brasov Fortress (Cetate), built in wood in 1524, which today serves as a restaurant, Tampa Mountain (Muntele Tampa), Saint Peter and Paul Roman-Catholic Cathedral, Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Muresenilor Memorial Museum, Poiana Brasov, of course, plus many, many other.