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Attractions in Braila

Monument Park

Stretching on an area that exceeds 1 km, being considered one of the largest parks within a Romanian city, Monument Park is an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the city. It is an excellent recreation spot for nature-lovers of all ages.

Etnography and Popular Art Museum

In the Big Garden (Gradina Mare)

The museum features a historical collection that reveals the traditional occupations of the residents in Braila, throughout the years. The displays include items from agriculture, fishing, grazing, textiles, crafting tools, popular art, wood and glass icons, plus much, much more.

Natural Sciences Museum

15 Park Highway (Soseaua Parcului)

0339 401 006

The museum is situated within Monument Park and features displays of plants, insects, birds and mammals. Visitors can also admire exotic fish in the aquarium room.

Braila Museum

3 Traian Square

(0040) 0339 401 002

Exhibits include displays that reveal the Geto-Dacic culture, including its continuity to the foundation of the Romanian nation. There is also an exhibition about Gumelnita - an unknown civilization, Muntenia in the centuries II — IV, and more interesting information about Braila and Romania.

St. Michael and Gabriel Church

Traian Square

It is one of the oldest churches in the city and it is an important piece of local and regional history. It first served as a mosque, afterwards being transformed into an orthodox church. The building is more than 250 old and has a beautiful interior with gorgeous religious paintings of saints that touch the heart and soul.

Kinetic Fountain

The fountain is situated in the city's civic centre and it is the "brainchild" of the famous Romanian sculptor Constantin Lucaci, also known as the "2nd Brancusi". It is a fantastic and eye-catching example of kinetic art, optical art, programmed art and neoconstructivism. The best time to see the fountain in all its splendor is at night, when the light vibrations are highlighted best (don't forget the camera).

Other major attractions in Braila, include: Independence Square, the Big Garden, the Little Island of Braila, situated in Danube's inundable area, resembling the Danube Delta, presenting nature as it is, the clock in the city centre, dating since 1909, the Greek Church (1863-1872), the Mini-Zoo, and the nearby Stirbei Castle, the largest historical munument in Bacau County.