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Attractions in Bistrita

Coopers' Tower (Turnul Dogarilor)

West end of the Municipal Park

Built between 1465 and 1575, Coopers' Tower is one of Bistrita's most significant historical attractions. It is the old fostress' only still standing tower. The tower, now housing a collection of folklore masks and puppets (Galeria de Masti si Papusi), is 35 meters tall and has three levels.

Bistrita-Nasaud Museum Complex

19 Gen. Grigore Balan

The museum was founded in 1950 and it is housed in a building dating since 1898. Visitors will be able to enjoy here exhibits from various areas: ethnography, archaeology, geology, and natural sciences, each and every exhibit telling the story of the city and the region within it stands.

Saxon Evangelical Church (Biserica Evanghelica)

Central Square

Built by Transylvanian Saxons centuries ago, the Saxon Evangelical Church is, perhaps, the greatest attraction found on Bistrita's Central Square. The construction of this beautiful Gothic church started in 1470, and was completed almost 100 years later by Petrus Italus de Lugano, who added renaissance elements to the structure.

Later, a 246-foot steeple overlooking the city was added, making it, today, the highest stone church tower in the country. Inside the church, visitors will find a collection of 23 flags which belonged to the town's former craft guilds, valuable renaissance-style pews designed by Johannes Begler in 1516, and a 500-year old organ.

Orthodox Church (Biserica Ortodoxa)

Union Square (Piata Unirii)

The Orthodox Church in Bistrita, formerly a Franciscan church, dates since the 13th century and it is a "feast" for the eyes. It has a beautiful interior, completely restored in baroque style, with some late 14th century murals that have been preserved.

Sugalete Medieval Buildings

Central Square

The 15th and 16th century medieval buildings are situated on the north side of Central Square, facing the Saxon Evangelical Church. The thirteen gothic- and renaissance-style houses are connected by 20 archways supported by quadrilateral pilasters. Several art galleries have opened here.

Silversmith's House (Casa Argintarului)

5 Dornei Street

This 15th century house earned it name by serving as the residence of one of the most renowned jewelers in Bistrita. It is a piece of jewelry, itself, due to its architecture, with facades adorned with fine stone carvings in Renaissance style by Petrus Italus da Lugano and an entrance portal with impressive carvings, as well, and a semicircular vault bordered by two fluted pilasters, an arched passage allowing access to the inner yard. Bistrita's Fine Arts, Music and Folk Dance Schools are located here.