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Transportation in Baia Mare

The closest airport is Baia Mare International Airport - 0262 — 29 34 44.

Also nearby, there are the airports in Satu Mare (40 miles), Cluj Napoca (90 miles), and Suceava (170 miles).

The public transportation within the city consists of buses and trolleys, and it is operated by SC URBIS SA. The regular fare is 1.9 RON.

The rail service is provided by CFR. The station is located at 4 Station Street (Strada Farii) - (262) 220.995. Train service from Baia Mare is available to Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta (summer time only), Satu Mare, Sighisoara, and several other cities in Romania.

Besides train, visitors can also use the bus service, in order to travel between Baia Mare and other cities in Romania. Bus service is available from/to: Arad, Salonta, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sighisoara, and several other cities.

By car, from Bucharest, Baia Mare can be reached via E60 — E576 - E58 — 1C: Bucuresti — Sinaia — Brasov — Sighisoara — Cluj — Dej — Baia Mare, and, from Budapest, via E71 — E58 - 1C: Budapest —Mateszalka — Satu Mare — Baia Mare.

Besides public transportation or car, one can also ride the bike, walk or take a cab in order to get aorund within the city.

The popular taxi companies in Baia Mare, include:

Gallant - 942

Mara - 954 or (262) 216.813

Siromex - 944

Stotax - 953 or (262) 229.333

Taxiro - (262) 274.47

Usi - 959 or (262) 220.959