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Attractions in Baia Mare

Stephen's Tower (Turnul lui Stefan)

Between Crisan and 1 Mai Streets, nearby Liberty Square (Piata Libertatii)

Dating since the 15th century, Stephen's Tower is the most reprezentative medieval monument in the city. Its architecture is Gothic and it rises 120 feet up in the air, watching over the city and its residents.

Elizabeth House (Casa Elisabeta)

Liberty Square

Also known as Iancu de Hunedoara House, Elizabeth House is the oldest civil construction in the city. It was built between 1446 and 1490, and today houses the mine flowers expozition, being part of the Maramures Museum.

Butchers' Tower (Turnul Macelarilor)

Springs Square (Piata Izvoarelor)

The tower dates since the 15th century, and, legend says that this is where the bullet that killed Pintea Viteazul, an outlaw of the region, was shot.

Baia Mare Wooden Church

The monument was risen in 1630 and was originally located in Chechis village, in 1939, being moved to Baia Mare to serve as a museum. The Wooden Church, along with other historical buildings, forms the outdoor Etnographic Museum.

Baia Mare Art Museum

8, 1 Mai Street

(262) 213 964

The museum is housed within a landmark building dating since 1784, and hold a treasure that comprises art works revealing the life in Maramures, since the late 1800s to the present day. The permanent painting collection features works of artists from the Baia Mare School, as well as valuable Romanian and European contemporary art.

Baia Mare History & Archaeology Museum

3 Monetariei Street

Housed within the elegant 18th century Baroque Treasury building, the History & Archaeology Museum in Baia Mare offers visitors an introduction to the mining history of the region, especially to the most important one, gold mining.