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Bacau Attractions

"Victor Anestin" Observatory

8-10 Trotus Street

0234 513 724

The observatory was opened in November, 1976. Star-passionates can enjoy here shows, and permanent and temporary exhibitions. Opening hours are between 8 am and 4 pm, daily, Tuesday through Sunday. The regular fare is 4RON.

George Bacovia Memorial House

13 G. Bacovia Street

Here, you can find out all about the great Romanian poet - George Bacovia. You will get the chance to take a glimpse into his lifestyle, admire his violin and piano, see the portrets of his parents - Zoe and Dimitrie Vasiliu, including to watch a video documentary which captured the poet alive, and to hear an audio recording of him reciting his lyrics.

Natural Sciences Museum Complex

9 Parcului Alley

0234 512 006

It was the first museum of its kind in Bacau County. Visitor will enter the world of botanics, geology, paleonthology, herpenthology, and many other interest and captivating nature areas.

Royal Court and Precista Church

The present ruins are from the time of Stefan Cel Mare and his son, Alexandru-Voda. The church is typical to that era and it is made of bricks - it was conceived by Alexandru-Voda, between 1490-1491, and was restored by Vasile Lupu in 1641, who turned it over to the Three Hierarchs Monastery. Within the monastery, the ruins of the royal palace, dating since 1481, where Alexabdru-Voda lived, are being preserved.

Holy Virgin Church

This is the oldest religious edifice in Bacau. It dates since the 15th century, when it was built by Lady Margaret, one of the wifes of Alexander the Good (Alexandru cel Bun). The entrance is guarded by two statues, representing St. Francis de Assisi and St. Ioseph, holding baby Jesus.

Other major attractions in Bacau, include: the Art Museum, Monasteries Rachitoasa, Runc, Bogdana and Cotumba, including the Vasile Alecsandri Memorial House, Cancicov Park, the County Library, and George Apostu International Centre of Culture and Art.