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About Bacau

Historians and archaeological findings suggest that the area's first settlers were the Hungarians, who came in the region after 1345—1347, when the territory was under the control of the king of Hungary, mainly occupying the flat banks of the river Bistrita.

Throughout its existence, Bacau saw many happenings, and experienced plenty - good and bad. It was invaded and destroyed more than once in the 15th—16th centuries, and, due to the frequent invasions by foreign armies and plundering by the Tatars in the 17th century, many of its Catholic inhabitants abandoned Bacau and took refuge in Transylvania, thus, the city's population dropping dramatically, at that time.

After playing the role of the headquarters of the Romanian Army, during World War I, and the occupation of Bucharest by the Central Powers, Bacau was declared a municipality in 1968, since then continuously developing and keeping pace.

Today, Bacau presents itself as an ascending commercial and industrial centre, as well as a city of tradition and culture, housing numerous apealing attractions, among its most significant touristical attractions being the George Bacovia Memorial House, Ion Borcea Natural Sciences Museum Complex, the Observatory, which is one of the few left in Romania, including the Stefan Cel Mare Statue, situated near the center of the city.

Bacau is also home to several beautiful churches, among which we find St. Joan Church, and The Rising of the Lord Cathedral, including to the ruins of the Royal Court, where the son of Stefan Cel Mare - Alexandru-Voda lived, as well as several memorial houses, dedicated to significant historical and cultural personalities, such as the Vasile Alecsandri House of Culture, or George Bacovia Memorial House.

Bacau's Vivarium is also worth a visit, especially if the little ones are accompanying you in your trip. They will certainly be delighted by the exhibitions of exotic and indigenuous fish, the singing birds, the gentil pigeons, and the cute animals.

There are also theatres and art galleries, within the city, and, if visiting at the right time, visitors can also enjoy special annual events, such as Bacau Days, Arlekin Festival or George Bacovia Festival.

The vast array of appealing attractions, and the rich, layered history, which is still kept alive today, make Bacau a wonderful city to visit!