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Azuga Attractions

Sorica Ski Runway

What's great about Sorica Runway is that one can also ski at night, given that there are approximately 800 lighted m, from the base of the runway. The runway is 2100 m long and 50 m wide and it is of medium skiing difficulty.

Sorica South Ski Runway

Sorica South is also great for skiing. However, it is not lighted at night, it does not have artificial snow, and it is smaller that Sorica Runway, being only 1000 long.

La Stana Ski Runway

It has a low difficulty skiing level and it is great for beginners. It is 910 m long, it does not have nocturnal lighting or artifical snow.

Cazacu Ski Runway

It has a medium difficulty skiing level, it is 400 m long, it has artificial snow, but no nocturnal lighting.

Heroes' Monument - Independence War

The monument is located in the center of the city and was risen in 1905 to honor those who fought during the Independence War.

Heroes' Monument - WWI

The Heroes' Monumnet of WWI dates since 1936 and it is situated in the city park. It represents sacrifice and victory and it is the work of Romanian sculptor I. Iordanescu.

The Cross Below Sorica

The cross is situated about 200 m SW of Azuga's center and it was risen by colonel Georgescu D-tru, batalion commandant, in memory of the 4th regiment ilfov, who died in battle during WWI, on Mount Sorica, between October 19 and November 21 1916.